Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leaving by BJ Neblett


When a star falls where does it go?
Does it run and hide from the other stars
Ashamed of its own mortality?
Is there a place
            A town
                     A city where fallen stars go?
Where they cry their troubles to others like them
Talk about their problems
            Find support groups for fallen stars
Is there a doorway from the sky?
You say you are leaving
            Fallen from my sky
            Out of my world
                        My universe
                                    My life
Where will you go my love?
Have you found a doorway out of my heart?

                                                            Raybrook, NY
                                                            August, 2006

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Untitled by BJ Neblett

Leave the door to your mind wide open. But
keep the screen door shut. That way you can
see everything that is going on around you,
let in only that which you want, and keep
everything inside from running out.

                                                Raybrook, NY
                                                October, 2006

No Regrets by BJ Neblett

By many requests, here is the first post on a new site dedicated to my poems and other ramblings.
Enjoy and comment.

No Regrets

Had this been the place and time
And if my eyes had not been blind
There might have been another way
We might have had another day
To live our lives the way we chose
To love and lust the way we rose
Above ourselves and all around
Living upon this thing we found
I might have loved you as I may
With no regrets to leave or stay

For Angel

                                                            Montreal, Canada
                                                            August, 1967