Saturday, June 8, 2013

Untitled by BJ Neblett

Here's a poem from a younger and more, shall we say, romantic BJ. Then again, looking at some of my more recent work, I guess not that much has changed... life goes on.

by BJ Neblett
© 1970, 2013

I sat until the old man of the park came by
as he always seemed to do about this time.
Yet dusk arrived early today,
or was it only the clouds that
blocked the sunlight from my eyes,
the same sun we shared often
but never enough.
But there was never enough time and
perhaps that is why I’m alone now,
alone, watching the old man,
the funny old man of the park
you called him,
as we sat and watched him
and the people
and the pigeons,
and the buildings melted into the sky
as we walked through
the thoughts we shared
and the love that grew like
the trees in the park,
the park where we sat
and met
and talked
and loved
and watched the old man,
the poor old man of the park.
And now it’s dark and I’m alone
and the old man is gone.
No, he didn’t come today
as he always did before.
Now he is gone
and so are you.

                                    Broomall, PA

                                    October, 1970

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