Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recovery, New Story and Library Talk by BJ Neblett

Well I am still here, although there were times this past week when I thought I might feel better dead. I now have a greater appreciation for my friend Kristin and what she must have gone through. Having your gallbladder out is no picnic, no matter what the doctor or anyone else may tell you. I had the ‘simple’ procedure on Monday, five days ago, and am still very sore and achy. I was off work all week and when I return I am on light duty, no heavy lifting for three weeks. And here I thought I’d be up and about, doing well in a couple of days! Anywho, the doc says everything went well and it was the wise decision to have the operation now as I had quite a few stones built up and they were partially blocking one of the tubes… whatever that means. Thanks to everyone at Swedish Hospital First Hill in Seattle for making my stay an easy one, and to my friend Alissa for being there for me. And thanks to all of you out there in blogland for the wishes and prayers.
I didn’t get as much work done while off as I had hoped, meaning basically none. I did manage to finish a new story; more on that another time. Also, as mentioned before, I will be guest speaker at December’s It’s About Time, at the Ballard (Seattle) Branch Library. I did manage to get my talk on Flash Fiction finalized. Those of you in the area please plan to stop by Thursday, December 10th, at 6 PM. It’s free and only lasts about two hours, with a Q&A period and an open mike segment.
December 1st the new edition of Paradox Ethereal Magazine hits the ether, available on line as a free download for all. It will feature a story by me as well as a powerful, touching short story by my friend and fellow author KJ McPike. Be sure to check it out and leave comments for the magazine’s wonderful and hard working publisher Mary. If you are not familiar with KJ McPike and her new young adult fantasy Xodus, justclick here.
Thanks for taking time out to read my blogs and for putting up with my ranting and ramblings. As always, link, like, comment and be sure to share the love. C’ya next time.

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