Saturday, February 2, 2013

Black Wall by BJ Neblett

            Black Wall

 A peaceful march
‘I have a dream’
In Washington DC
What does it mean?

Hope for the future
A nation in doubt
In Dallas, Texas
Shots ring out

Black dog white cop
A church in flames
In Selma, Alabama
Nothing’s changed

Black Panthers roar
A country’s shame
In New York City
A leader is slain

Ten thousand more troops
A limited war
In countless speeches
We’ve heard this before

 Summer of love
Restlessness churns
Across America
Cities burn

Napalm rains
Children scream
In Memphis, Tennessee
The end of a dream

‘I will not run’
War escalates
In a LA hotel
Hope meets its fate

Police mobilize
Storm troopers marching
At a Chicago convention
The whole world is watching

A solider dies
The boy next door
In the USA
A living room war

Draft cards afire
Lives on the line
At Tranquility Base
A step for mankind

Protesters unite
Answer the call
At an Ohio college
Four students fall

‘Bring the boys home’
‘What’s going on?’
In America’s conscience
The words of a song

Soldiers return
A mother’s sorrow
Trapped in a wheelchair
No hope for tomorrow

Fifty-eight thousand dead
For our father’s sins
In the end
Nobody wins

Black Wall cries out
A generation turned
In Iran and Afghanistan
What lessons learned?

                                                            Raybrook, New York
                                                            June, 2006

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