Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Couple of Very Special Poems by BJ Neblett

Hi again and thanks for visiting. Here are a few recently inspired poems and musings. Enjoy and be sure to 'like' 'link' and comment. Also, I have two new stories published on Short Story Me. The link is below. Thanks.
Short Story Me: Short Story Me
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If I had kissed you
Tell me what would you have done
Kiss me back or run

                                             Loving you is like walking between raindrops

                   Specter of my dreams
                   She comes to me in the night
                   Love I'll never know

Though we never kissed
Of all my loves come and gone
I miss you the most

                                   Would you hold gently
                                   If I reached to take your hand
                                   Would you understand


  1. I have always enjoyed your poetry. These are sweet and touching. Who ever they were written for is a very lucky lady.

  2. Thanks, maybe someday soon, with the Lord's blessing she will feel the same.