Friday, December 20, 2013

Said Spring To Winter by BJ Neblett

Hello and happy holidays! I'll be enjoying my birthday on the 24th (yes, a Christmas baby, better than a sack of coal!) with a quiet night, perhaps with a couple of friends. Hopefully yours will be a bit more exciting. In the mean time enjoy this new and very special poem written for a very special person. And then follow the link at the right over to my writer's blog for a short story.
Peace and love for a new year.

Said Spring To Winter
by BJ Neblett
© 2013

                           Said Spring to Winter            Said Winter to Spring
                              In silence we meet              Don’t ask me my name
                          Specter of my dreams                   I am just a man
                         The future in your eyes            Do not seek tomorrow
                             Uncertain but true                   And it will be yours
                            How am I to know                  Ask me no questions
                         What truths will I find                 I’ll tell you no lies
                                Your gift to me                          Take all I offer
                                 Afraid to open                        As long as it lasts
                             The longings inside            Don’t question your heart
                          Untouched and frozen              And love will be ours

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