Saturday, April 6, 2013

Emerald City by BJ Neblett

"... follow the yellow brick road."
                                The Wizard Of Oz

Emerald City
by BJ Neblett
© 2009, 2013

Up Down Angles Turns
Mountain folds and Valley bends
Origami streets

                                                                                    Serpentine buses
                                                                                    Monorail Water taxi
                                                                                    Bicycle backpack

                                    Queen Anne Chinatown
                                    Pioneer Capitol Hill
                                    Bay Sound Lake Starbucks

Riding on the bus
Glass Steel Skyscrapers a tilt
Or maybe it’s me

                                                            Latte people pass
                                                            Frappe clouds and Mocha smiles
                                                            Cappuccino dreams

Caffeine and cell phones
Pulse skips to a concrete beat
City on the move

                                                                        White Black Brown Yellow Red
                                                                        Emerald City rainbow
                                                                        North West melting pot

Steel needle phallus
Rending clouds of apathy
Begets a new dawn

                                                Mist Sprinkles Drizzle
                                                Cloudy Windy Sun peeks through
                                                Showers kiss the earth

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