Sunday, June 8, 2014

Outside The Wire by BJ Neblett

I taught Creative Writing, Poetry and ESL for a while to inmates in several federal prisons. While I like to believe my efforts touched and helped my students, I was the recipient of a very eye opening education. I came away from the experience with several new poems, material for more short stories, and a decidedly different outlook. Here is one of several poems I wrote from an insider's view point. If it frightens you... good! Be sure to like, link and comment.
Peace and love,

Outside The Wire
BJ Neblett
© 2007, 2014

Outside the wire
Sun shines warmer
Wind blows cooler
Air smells fresher
Life tastes sweeter

Outside the wire
Rivers sing
Flowers dance
Children wish
Mothers pray

Beyond the wire
A blood red sun
crosshatched with chain link
and razor wire
surrenders to an indifferent world
while a bloodied fourteen year old
pot marked with scars and tracks
and tags and tears
surrenders to the blue crush
of cold steel and sequestered dreams.

Beyond the wire
idealism is the commodity
compassion the cost

Eastern State

Inside the wire
Smiles are painted
Eyes are tainted
Minds are gelid
Hearts are hardened

Inside the wire
the velvet carpet of night
swallows Sodom’s towers
retching out filth
and waste
mean streets and mean thoughts
a ribbon of highway
a smugglers agenda
life exists between
the ticks of the clock
the beats of the heart
in the darkness of souls
in the shadows of reality

Beyond the wire
amidst the myopic madden masses
the blind man leads

Lock up
Death camp

Outside the wire
Birds sing
Grass grows
Bees sting
Snowflakes kiss

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