Friday, July 18, 2014

Peripheral Vision by BJ Neblett

New day; new beginning; new poem. Starting over is never easy no matter where or from what you are starting again. (Didn't I write a poem about that?) Anyway, enjoy this new poem as you enjoy your own fresh start, even if it is just a fresh new day. And please be sure to check out my latest blog, the link is to the right, and my new story Ponytail - Never Say Uncle in the new issue of Romance Magazine. Just click the image on the right. Please like, link, comment and share the love.

Peripheral Vision
BJ Neblett
© 2014

Gone from my sight
Not from my mind

Memories remain

I hear your voice
I feel your heat
I taste your tears

A blind man stumbling
Amorphous visions
Whisper to my ear

Tell me you’re near
Tease and torment
Bitter and sweet

Memories remain

Gone from my sight
Not from my heart

                        Seattle, WA
                        July, 2014

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