Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nicolas Cage Or John Travolta/New Poetry by BJ Neblett

Nicolas Cage Or John Travolta/New Poetry
BJ Neblett

The new issue of Five Poetry (Vol 2 No 2) is now available through Amazon, B&N and the publisher Fiction Magazines. Just click the image to the right. The magazine features five works by five poets on a single topic. I have five somewhat personal recent poems in this issue relating to love, tracing a faltering love affair. For those of you without a Kindle type device, the issue will be available in other formats (.pdf, etc) through the publisher next month.
Tuesday is the day I enter the dreaded hospital for some facial reconstruction surgery. Now that most of the swelling has gone down, I actually don't look too bad. (Some will argue the fact. Many I'm sure wish there had been more damage done.) But the doc says the procedure is necessary to prevent future complications. He also needs to see first hand if there is any other damage not revealed by the MRI. I SHOULD be out sometime Wednesday, maybe Thursday. Most of you know I am not comfortable in or around hospitals and I am doing this one all alone... such is the life of a bachelor. I guess the only question left is will I come out looking like John Travolta or Nicolas Cage. (Vague movie reference.) I'll be happy just to come out. You can bury me under the pitcher's mound. (Grave marker inscription: HE LOVED NOT WISELY BUT TOO WELL.) I just hope they have softball in heaven. (Vague reference to my short story It's Only A Game, posted November 11-18, 2012)
Thanks. I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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