Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Scene by BJ Neblett

Hard to believe 2014 is about over, winter is here. I will be celebrating my Christmas Eve birthday with friends and fellow softballers at an annual get together to benefit orphans at Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Everyone is invited for a fun pot luck starting at 5 PM. And here's wishing everyone a blessed and happy holiday season.
Keep watch for more stories on my author's blog, and a very special month long continuing blog on love and romance, right here the month of February. In the mean time, here's a new poem to celebrate the new season.
Peace and love.

Winter Scene
by BJ Neblett
© 2014

Crystalline flakes dance in the wind outside
Frozen avenues mock the lamenting sun
Fleet footed snowmen assemble to play

Bundled warriors in the snow and sun
Apple cheeked invaders that laugh and play
Through my window the war rages outside

For children snow is to dream and to play
Matterhorn’s for conquering in the sun
Laughter is the sugar of life outside

To play in the sun and snow outside is
To be a child and laugh again

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