Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking Back by BJ Neblett

Looking Back
BJ Neblett
© 1967, 1970, 2013, 2014
"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."
                                                                F. Scott Fitzgerald
                                                                The Great Gatsby 
As one of my all time  favorite books concludes, I am again reminded of how desperately we sometimes cling to the past. And of how simple life can really be if we could only:
                                                                 Learn from the past
                                                                 Live for the present
                                                                 Look to the future.
                                                                           BJ Neblett
Enjoy these two poems from a different time, a different place and a (somewhat) different BJ.

BJ Neblett
© 1967, 2013

I thought you said you loved me
When you asked me my name
I thought of how an hour from now
Would it still feel the same
But all that mattered was your laughter
It hid your last goodbye
Disguised as rain clouds in the air
And taught me how to cry

BJ Neblett
© 1970, 2013

I wonder if you’ll ever think of me
Somewhere within your castle mind
Of crowded rooms
And sweeping halls
And ivory towers
And crumbling walls
Through the caverns of time
You’ve set aside to live within
And the world
A microscopic toy to you
To play with as you will
Or destroy as you please

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