Monday, November 2, 2015

Surgery, Gallbladders and Reviews by BJ Neblett

From the good news and, well… not too bad news department. Below you will find two recent reviews to my books, Ice Cream Camelot and Elysian Dreams. Both books are still doing well, thank you, and I look forward to the paperback release of my memoir, Ice Cream Camelot, sometime late next spring or early summer. (In publishing speak that means probably mid-summer). Stay tuned! By the way, both of my books as well as all of the magazines my stories are featured in are available by clicking the link to the right: BJ Publications.
As for the rest… yes, I am not crazy about hospitals, and yes, I will be having Tommy John surgery before year’s end. But closer to home, I will be having my gallbladder out next Monday, November 9. The good folks at Swedish Hospital, First Hill, in Seattle will be taking care of me. This is the same place that did my facial surgery and metal implants last year. Despite my dislike of being in hospitals, they really do a good job of making patients feel at ease. My stay should be a short on… hopefully, with surgery at noon on the 9th, and released late Tuesday or possibly Wednesday. I live alone and they will be keeping me captive until they are certain I can take care of myself. Afterwards I should have plenty of time to do some serious writing.
Thanks loyal readers. As always, link, like comment and share the love.

Elysian Dreams
BJ Neblett
Brighton Publishing
ISBN: 9781936587735
Reviewed By Margaret Dolan
Official Apex Reviews Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

Elysian Dreams, by BJ Neblett, is an intriguing offering of fantasy fiction. Though it may seem difficult to combine such disparate elements as mob violence and space/time travel, Neblett pulls it off with aplomb. Add to that a motley mix of characters and their curious backstories, and you have a page-turning literary delight.
Elysian Dreams chronicles the lives of a trio of individuals from various different backgrounds – lives that are about to change in ways they could never imagine. Whereas the answers to most of life’s problems tend to lie in either our past or future, the protagonists in Neblett’s tale are drawn to the solutions they seek in another time and place altogether. As their lives repeatedly intersect, the unwitting characters find themselves drawn together for reasons only a mysterious, mystical figure seems to understand, and their resulting adventure soon reaches multi-dimensional proportions.
The telling of such a fantastical tale as Elysian Dreams is not an easy task, particularly when it comes to character development, but Neblett does an excellent job of providing just enough detail and crafting compelling, convincing characters in the weaving of a winding narrative sure to leave a lasting impression on the reader. The variety of issues Neblett addresses, along with his highly skillful storytelling, sets Elysian Dreams apart as an insightful volume worthy of longstanding reflection. Sure to create a healthy following of fans eagerly anticipating Neblett’s future works.

Ice Cream Camelot
BJ Neblett
Brighton Publishing
ISBN: 9781621830924
Reviewed By Margaret Dolan
Official Apex Reviews Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

There’s a famous saying that goes, “If you remember the ‘60s, then you weren’t really there.” While that may be true for many who came of age during the turbulent decade, B.J. Neblett is the exception. Throughout the pages of Ice Cream Camelot, Neblett introduces the reader to his own personal journey through an era that reshaped an entire nation – both for good and bad.
Touching on everything from his first school boy crush to his forays into substance abuse and juvenile delinquency, Neblett bears no shame in revealing some of the most intimate moments and events of his young life; however, rather than just serve as an anecdotal retelling of his formative years, Ice Cream Camelot skillfully intermingles Neblett’s personal sojourn with the prevailing cultural and political events of the time. As such, not only does the reader get to witness the developments that caused Neblett to lose his personal naiveté, we also bear firsthand witness to the “waking up” of a collective nation.
As a bonus treat, some readers may be surprised to learn that Neblett’s sundry youthful adventures ultimately led him to become DJ Billy James, the popular radio DJ who still carries much sway throughout the music industry.

One doesn’t have to be a fan of the ‘60s to appreciate the lasting impact the decade has left on our nation’s history. Likewise, you don’t have to be a fan of memoirs to enjoy Ice Cream Camelot; you need only be open to taking an introspective look at your own impactful history

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