Friday, February 20, 2015

Saturday February 21 A Month Of Love from BJ Neblett & A Poem from CA Griffin

Hope you are enjoying this month's postings on love and romance. Tomorrow I will have a new romance story posted to my writer's blog... you can click the link to the right. But for now please enjoy another offering from my friend, writer Carol Griffin. You can follow Carol's writings by clicking the links below.

CA Griffin:
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Love is multifaceted...

Girl you are to me/
All that a woman should be/
And I dedicate my life to you always/

                                                                     Photo unattributed

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By CA Griffin

We are lovely in our pain
Individually sparkling like diamonds hewn by pressure
Capturing light and glowing
Glistening with the dew of our tears

Beautiful in our despair
Raw and open
Passionate and honest

Ah the purity of truth as revealed in conflict
How revealing it is
Sloughing the detritus
Removing the shell
Exposing what we feel

And growing
There is no value in only joy
Endless sun scorches the flesh

And evolving
There is no value in only pain
Swirling waters drown the body

But in balance
We welcome who we are meant to be

CAG 2/5/15

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