Sunday, January 31, 2016

Writers and Writing by BJ Neblett

It's been a while and I've got something just a bit different for you this time. Last month I gave a talk on writing at the Ballard Library. Afterwards there was a Q&A period with many good questions. But again, the one question that seems to always come up was asked of me: What is the most important thing or quality a good writer needs to have?
While there are many correct answers, and I am sure every writer has their own, for myself, as well as other writers I have known, the following seems to be true:
"The two greatest assets a writer can have are an unbridled imagination and to have lived an unabashed life."
                                                                           All The Wrong Places
                                                                           BJ Neblett
Well, it works for me...
Hope it helps!
One final note. My forthcoming romance book Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch (yes, romance) is in a contest for publication. You, my loyal readers, can help. Simply click the link to the right (well be for Feb 29, please) and scroll down to my book then click the heart to vote. They may ask for you to sign up. It's quick easy and painless. You can use a made up name and password if you like, no salesman will call, I promise!
Thanks for your help, it means a lot!
Keep writing! Remember:
"Words can never be invisible."
                                 BJ Neblett

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